The story of fee the ages

In the golden Age of FEE

In the Golden Age of FEE, we have created a concept of garments in iconic styles. Inspired by all the grand fashion statements through the ages, we present the collection of Fee the Ages.

From twenties style office dresses to the contemporary dresses of the noughties, the perfect dress for your personal uniform can be found in our Black Collection; 10 dresses that create the canvas for your personal wardrobe. All garments are made by our local heroes in high quality Italian fabric. Like some velvet morningtouching your skin.

The beauty of these dresses is is not defined by their date of origin, it’s defined by what they’ve become since then. Exactly like the women who wear them.

All garments of FEE – The Agesare created by Chrissy & Angela, owners of FEE Collective.

Chrissy was born in 1987 under the Leo star. She started her fashion career at sixteen as a shopgirl in a number of boutiques and sewing her own outfits. As a youngster her fashion choices always stood out, not always in a good way, but definitely original. Throughout the years Chrissy developed a strong personal style and went on to study event management to work in music- and fashion production. After spending a few years as a global gypsy – working freelance as a make-up artist, barista and marketing girl in different cities – Chrissy finally found her roots in concept store FEE. After producing her own recycled clothing line ‘Dear Indie Youth’ for FEE, she decided to partner up with Angela and open up a brand new shop with a coffee bar in 2013. After four years of buying brands & styling clients, the ladies decided it was time to pick up a pencil and create FEE’s own fashion line:
FEE – The Ages.

Angela was born in the Southern town Sittard in 1983. After spending her young days there making artful collages in her room and having her mom complaining about her all-black outfit choices, she went on to study graphic fashion design in Eindhoven. She enjoyed the daily commute to daydream about her future in fashion and became an assistant-buyer at a grand Dutch fashion concern. Her star really began to rise when she graduated cum laudefrom the Academy of Arts in Maastricht.  She accepted a job as a Fine Arts teacher after her studies and managed an art project in a disadvantaged district of Eindhoven; keeping kids off the street through art. This project was the deciding factor for Angela to create something of her own; she started the concept store named FEE in 2010. FEE has always been a platform for young designers and now Angela has become the young designer herself.

As we continue to design modern classics, expect some serious colour in our Summer collection! Our nude design might remind you of the infamous ‘naked dress’ and our red baby doll can turn you straight into a ‘femme fatale’. And if we were to state there is ‘more than meets the eye’, then cover yourself in our lemon yellow and baby pink print maxi dress! Curiouser and Curiouser?Stay tuned for the big reveal of our summer dresses!